- magical Monkey Year wishes to you!

Wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year! We welcome a magical Monkey year ahead!

Ah... these years are a fertile time for us sisters with new beings born into our family. Our daughters, Zoe and Weaver, will also be welcoming another cousin this year -!

And so we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for all your encouragement and patience throughout 2015, allowing us to continue growing and doing what we do, as we embarked on our new roles as mothers.

And as our family grows, we are feeling ever more passionate about small-scale production.

Our children will grow with us in the rich and creative space that is our Newcastle studio, where we continue to produce our designs. Know that when you purchase one of our garments, you are supporting the good and the future. Know that what you are wearing has been dreamt, made, cut, sewn, pressed and wrapped by our hands, for you. It's not fast, it's just real.

Thank you... for your continued support in 2016... to infinity and beyond! We couldn't have got here without you, our hearts are swollen with love and thanks.



Many thanks to Ben Adams for taking these beautiful candid portraits of us.

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